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AliveMax Pre-Launch New MLM Program

A Review Of The AliveMax Distributor Business

by Gavin Evan

As a computer based affiliate marketer I am always on the hunt for fresh, profitable and appealing affiliate programmes to get involved with.  My email account is also bombarded with countless opportunities that I have to delve through to see if any of them are worth my attention.

Recently, there has been one programme that has really stood out from all the others due to its unique suite of products which I immediately saw potential in.  The company name is AliveMax and they specialise in a variety of oral nutritional sprays one of which claims to offer some amazing anti-aging qualities.  As soon as I read this, I felt that this set of products and associated associate programme required more in depth analysis.

I discovered that the AliveMax Anti-Aging spray contains the very exclusive component resveratrol which in tests has managed to activate the anti-aging gene and as a result slows down the aging process.  I also read that resveratrol has been discussed in no fewer than 2000 research publications worldwide and has also caused enormous excitement in cellular health studies.  On top of the anti-aging benefits, the AliveMax Anti-Aging spray also claims to fight free radical damage, support cardiovascular health as well as improve cognitive function.  There is also a multi-vitamin spray and a vitality spray which completes the present collection of AliveMax products.

The second I had read about their product claims, I thought it was wise to research the ingredients and connected benefits.  I was excited to find that their claims were endorsed by the scientific community and I instantly realised that this was an affiliate programme that was definitely worth further analysis.  I had little doubt that this was a product that could have a considerable impact around the world. 

Having researched the product and realising that it is something that would have fantastic sales potential globally, I realised it was now time to take a more detailed look at the business opportunity behind the product.  AliveMax use the tried and tested approach of multi-level marketing to promote their products meaning that distributors are compensated with commissions for both the retailing of the product range as well as the building of an affiliate structure.  Typically, in multi-level marketing it is mostly the people who have been involved for the greatest length of time who are exposed to the more profitable area of the pay plan.  However, AliveMax has put together a well balanced compensation plan offering seven separate ways to make money.  Their rewards scheme has been expertly planned to help benefit both the new distributor just as much as the veteran network marketing professional.

The AliveMax business opportunity has only been in pre-launch since March 2009 but early research shows that it seems to be a business that is well worth a closer look.